Monday, December 28, 2015

Molly Helps Kick Off KUTV's 2002 Winter Olympics News Coverage!

Before the beginning of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Molly, Jaron, and Carly were in Salt Lake City to observe the Olympic Torch run.

Carly and Jaron appear in the photo below with Ron McBride, University of Utah's football coach, carrying the torch behind them.

The Deseret News tells us that:

"University of Utah football coach Ron McBride carried the torch to Shriners Hospital where he passed it off to some of the final torchbearers."

It's not too far from the Shriners Hospital to the stadium where the Opening Ceremonies were to be held. so Molly, Jaron, and Carly, only had a short ways to go to be as close to the action as possible.

KUTV's coverage of the Opening Ceremonies included a couple of short interviews with people outside the stadium.

Molly was one of them.

This short video is from a VHS tape that was recorded at the time, so the quality is not great, but it captures Molly's exuberance in participating in this tremendous event:

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Hi Robbins family and Happy New Year! This is Patria Weston, Auntie Foo's oldest daughter. I've been thinking of you all and love seeing all the good family updates over the years. Just wanted to send love your way. A young mom of six kids I knew was killed yesterday by her husband and while feeling for their situation my thoughts couldn't help but turn to you all and how you're doing. Thinking of Molly and you all. Best wishes for the year ahead.