Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Remarkable Dream!

In the summer of 2012, Carly shared some Facebook messages with one of Molly's former students at Gearld Wright Elementary.

Giovanni was a fifth-grader in the combined fifth- and sixth-grade class that Molly taught in 2006-2007.

His younger sister was also one of Molly's students the next year when Molly taught the second grade.

In fact, she drew the picture that was left at Molly's grave and posted on this blog on December 12, 2010.

They both adored Molly as their teacher.

At the time of the messages, Giovanni had finished 10th grade and Carly had just graduated high school.

In these messages, Giovanni describes a remarkable dream - a dream which has a number of significant elements to it.

In the messages, before describing his dream, he tells Carly about an experience he had while visiting Molly's grave site:
"I always visit her on her birthday and bring her flowers and one time i went and it was so amazing. I was just standing there praying for her and all of a sudden in my head, i heard her laugh again. Like she was right there."
The more I learn about the afterlife, the more I think it a distinct possibility that Molly was present at that moment.

In addition to this experience of hearing Molly's laugh, Giovanni described his dream - a dream which is certainly intriguing and remarkable.

The dream was some two months before sharing it in his messages with Carly.

In his words:
"...the dream was wierd cus it was a dream lol, it was me and one of my friends and we were at a place that was like lagoon (but it wasnt lagoon) and we were going to some back entrance that a lot of people ussually go through i guess, and we were running in because we were excited to get into lagoon when i see molly. And i was so happy and so was she. We stood there and talked for like a minute or two. She just wanted to thank me for always remembering her and talking to her and showing how much i loved her. And all i could tell her was how much i loved her and how much she means to me and how i always consider her like a second mother and how she is such an amazing and happy person. And how she was so happy and always made everyones day so much better. And she just kept thanking me for always keeping her in my heart, and i told her that she should be so proud of you because you were turning into such an amazing women. And how i wish she could see you dance so happily with your team today. And she told me she did and to tell you that she is always here and to tell you how proud she is of you. And i think she brought up her grandson (your older sisters baby) and how she was there and it was so amazing. Then she continued to tell me that these dreams were real and that she is sorry but they wont happen often, especially because im not family and that she went through a lot to come down and visit me to tell me this conversation. But my friend was there rushing me telling me it was time to go, and mrs.robbins agreed. I cant remember if we gave eachother a hug or not, because im not sure if youre a loud too, but i wanted to really bad and i think i did. I got teary eyed in the dream and just tried to stress how much i love and miss her and to take care. And she just said that she is watching over me and that she is here. And then i said good bye and she laughed and said it back, and then proceeded to run with my friend into the entrance of lagoon and that is when i woke up. I cried almost right away but it was like pure happiness. I just cried and cried and couldnt believe it and i was just so amazed. Especially because she told me that it is really harf to come see me but that she still went through a lot to do it. And then i called my dad and told him and i said i wasnt really sure if it was a dream or real but he told me that, that is the way that people who have passed away visit us. And its through our dreams. So thanks carly, im glad i finally got to deliver her message. Just know that she is still here watching you by yourside. I love yoy and your family and if you ever need anything im here."
Giovanni adds this about his dream: 
"The whole conversation seemed timed like we both knew we didnt have much time to talk to eachother and it was like we both knew that it wasnt garunteed that we were going to have this moment again. My friend in the dream was my best friend lucio who ive known since i was a baby. Ive grown up woth him and we are still like brothers to this day. I think in the dream it was like my gardian angle discussed as him and he took me to go see her. And it was like once i got back to the entrance, it was like i was back to the real world."
In response to the idea that Molly was present at Carly's dance performances, Carly made this comment: 
"I really needed to hear something like that right now. Words can't describe the pain of how much I miss her and need her. I've always wanted to know that my Mom was watching me while I dance, because she is the one I dance for. Some times I would hope to see her in the audience but at least I felt her with me in my heart."
Giovanni's comment about Molly being at Carly's dance performances was something that jumped out at me as I read his dream because I had sensed at the time that Molly was at some of the performances watching her dance.

We wish to thank Giovanni for sharing his dream and experiences with Carly and us and for giving his permission to reproduce his messages to Carly here.

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