Monday, December 24, 2012

Molly's Christmas Thoughts:

 Recently two thoughts have occurred to me - and rather strongly.

The first is that Molly has a continuing interest in what the kids are doing, how they are doing, and to see them now and then.

I know it's a bit odd to keep calling kids, that are all now adults, "kids." 

The second is that she wants her friends to know that she is concerned about them. 

I posted this paragraph from her 1994 Christmas letter before, but the sentiments she expresses are expressed so well and fit this time of year.

She sent the letter so late that she thought wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day might have been more appropriate.  The importance of her family and friends is central to her sentiments:

"In sending this late Christmas letter, I hope to let all of you know how much we appreciate you as friends and family and hope you will forgive me in my lack of correspondence. You have all touched our lives in such special ways and have helped us to grow to a greater depth of knowledge of who we are by adding to our lives. We cherish the memories you have given us. I sincerely hope that 1995 finds us renewing and adding to those memories."

I came across the photo below recently.  Even though I don't know when exactly it was taken, it is a very good photo of Molly: 

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