Sunday, July 11, 2010

Martinez Family Reunion

My mom always liked to make sure we knew who our family was. On Saturday, we went to a family reunion for my great grandma's family and got to meet some extended relatives.

Here is my mother's uncle Alfonso and my great grandma's little sister, Emma. Everyone calls her Tia Emma.

Here we are with some more cousins, Tia Emma and her daughter, Chena, my uncles, Hernan and Georgie and our cousin, Sophie.

This is me with my cousin, Sophie. She was named after our great grandma.

Us with my mom's cousins, Jackie and Janice and our Tia Emma.

This is Carly and I with one of my mom's cousins. Her mom and my Grandma Julia are sisters.

These are my mom's cousins and thier dad, my great uncle Alfonso. Thier mom and my Grandma Julia are sisters.

Lauren and Javin.

This is my great grandma Sofia's house in Ogden. We don't know who lives there now, but we always have a hard time finding it when we drive by. There used to be a big tree in the front yard.

This is St. Joseph's church in Ogden. My great grandma used to walk to church here every Sunday. It's just down the street from her house. This is where we always go for family weddings and funerals.

And this is Scott on the way home. He had too much fun. : )

Happy Independence Day!

For the 4th of July we went to the Magna parade to watch Carly march with her high school drill team, the Spinnakers.

Here's Jaron. : )

Here he is with his little boy, Javin.

Javin with his mom, Lauren.

Here is my dad, ready for hanging out in the sun.

This is my husband, Brandon collecting parade candy.

This is my brother, Scott and his girlfriend, Saejin.

Here are Brandon and I in the middle of the street
before the very end of the parade.

We went to Magna Park for fireworks at the end of the day.