Saturday, June 27, 2009

She Must Have Heard Me Crying

For the past few weeks I had been feeling really crappy because I kept remembering every horrible thing I ever did or said to my mother when I was growing up. I would just bawl because I was totally feeling like the crappiest daughter in the world.

My husband and I moved into our very first home last weekend and this morning I've been pulling stuff out of boxes and putting it away. I found a birthday card my mom gave me in 2007:

My world and life changed the day you came into my life. Love took on a new meaning, and it was then I learned what real love was. You have always been a joy to have, always a perfect example, so sweet, so kind, and so loving. Thank you for allowing me the honor of being your mother. I love you. Mom

I love you, Mom!

Side note: I also found a recipe for my Grandpa's tortilla soup that she wrote down for me, which is my favorite soup and I thought it was lost forever because I never got her to show me how to make it.

Thanks, Mom!